weekend update

Oct 8, 2012

Hi beauties! How was your weekend? Mine was busy.

On Saturday I was at an arts festival downtown. It was hot. I was running on three hours of sleep (you can blame Sarah for that ;)). It was fun though. I forgot my camera, so sorry, no pics today!

Sitting in a backyard with friends is great, unless this backyard has lots of grass and a fountain where mosquitoes love to lay eggs. *scratch scratch* #11bites #iknowthathashtagsareuselesshere

Today, October 8th, is my official blogaversary!! I will be having a celebration later this month. Nothing huge, but maybe a little giveaway will be in there for ya ;) Yay for bloggy awesomeness!!!

Thanks so much for reading my blog! You are amazing :D
xo. Kate