Valentine Heart Decor

Feb 1, 2012

This is a simple, cute valentine project that only takes about an hour to make!!!

Tissue Paper or Streamers in pink or red

 Start by cutting out some fun heart shapes from cardboard:

 I didn't have any pink/red tissue paper, so I used some valentine-colored party streamers. Cut some square-ish shapes. I also used some thinner bits to fill in the heart.
 Wrap the paper around the eraser of the pencil like this, then press it down on the glue.

 Continue to cover the heart, until it is full. Once it is, trim away long parts. You can flatten the paper or fluff it up to make more 'defined' heart shape.

 I've finished my hearts. It took me about 10 minutes each once I got the hang of it.
 Tape the ribbon on the back of each heart. Make a loop with the ribbon at the top for hanging.
 This is the heart I didn't use. Note to self: making polka dots on cardboard hearts don't work
 That's it! Now go take a million pictures of it like I did! :]

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