Foam & Things Christmas Tree

Nov 19, 2011

I wanted to make my friend a cute decoration for her bedroom for Christmas, which is probably my FAVORITE time of the year.

Green craft foam
A small plastic cup (for base)
A chenille stem
Hot glue
(I also used Elmer's)
Red felt (just enough to cover the base)
Red embroidery thread
Construction paper

 Start by cutting out a shape like this (test it over and over to make sure it makes a nice cone shape)
 Now roll it up and glue it. I used tape to keep it shut and let it dry over night.
 In the morning:
 Now take a small plastic cup like this and wrap red felt around it. Glue it.

 Underneath the cone put any color construction paper, just so the cone can rest on top of the plastic cup
 Now take a chenille stem and form the top into a star.

Stick the star in the top of the cone.

Now wrap red thread around the tree and glue it there!
I love this project! Don't you?

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